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Seats without seat belt


Comfort seats without integrated seat belt

The Milan in the Aguti design is mainly used in vehicles that are already equipped with a seat belt system on the B-pillar. Extra wide, height-adjustable folding armrests, stepless backrest adjustment and anatomically-adapted contact surfaces for legs and back provide for extremely comfortable and relaxed sitting.

Advantages compared to the original seat

  • Lower installation height
  • Ergonomic foam shape and more sitting depth prevent legs from falling asleep
  • Matching swivel consoles for the vehicle
  • Various additional features
  • Equipment versions Basic, Standard, NV or HNV

Note: The material selection for the seats shown is only exemplary.

Our seats are only available for body manufacturers!

All models are each available in different designs and armrest versions.
The features can be selected between standard and HNV (height inclination adjustment).
Additional features such as seat heating or lumbar supports can also be ordered at any time.

Seats without seat belt



Excellent sitting comfortthrough ergonomic backrest contour and anatomically-adapted contact surfaces

Intuitive operation through self-explanatory arrangement and design of the setting levers

Individual adaptation of Design (foam shape, color, material) and features (seat heating, massage system)

Technical specifications

DimensionsB 580* x T 590 x H 970/1024 mm  (Std/HNV)
Weightca. 16/21 kg (Std//HNV)
Backrest adjustment- 25°  | + 25°
Crosswise/length adjustment200 mm
Seat rotation360°
NV Seat inclination-
HNV Height tilt back/front40/100 mm

*Overall width incl. armrests, overall heigth incl. headrest
backrest inclination forwards (-) | backwards (+)

Seats without seat belt


Standard equipment

Ergonomic backrest (stepless adjustment)
2 adjustable armrests "Basic" / "00" / "Smart"
Slide rails with 20 cm adjustment travel
Headrest integrated / adjustable (depending on model)
Optional with HNV module (Height tilt adjustment)

Optional features

Seat heating
Seat occupancy detector
Lumbar support
Seats without seat belt


"Milan" seats

Feature variants
for front seats in motorhomes

Seat inclination adjustment (NV)

With the seat-inclination adjustment function, the front part of the seat can be raised to prevent the legs from falling asleep during longer travel.

This feature can be retrofitted (NV retrofit set).


HNV module

Height and tilt adjustment of the seat for even more comfort. Here, both the front edge of the seat surface and the height of the rear seat surface can be adjusted.

This function can not be retrofitted. It is already installed in the seat during production.



Lumbar support

Manual oder electric – Supports a natural body posture and relief of the spine. Especially during long travel, fatigue can cause the muscles to collapse. The lumbar support can be integrated into the backrest of the seat and thus ensures a relaxed posture and relief of the spine.

Seat heating & ventilation

For pleasant travel in summer and winter. The seat climatisation with seat heating and ventilation ensures thermal comfort on the seat whether on cold or hot days.

The seat heating is also available without ventilation.


Armrest "00"

Fully-padded armrest with adjustment knob for locking the inclination angle.

Armrest "Smart"

Partially upholstered armrest with elegant hand button to fix the inclination angle.

Note for end-customers: Additional features can only be integrated with new ordered or developed seats.
We kindly ask you to contact your motorhome dealer directly for more information.

Design options

Stitching patterns

Various stitching patterns can be worked into seat and backrest.



We use fabric, leather and half-leather, uni or in combination.



Individual logo on the headrest – embroidered or embossed


Individual pipings for seat or backrest. 



Headrest designs

Adjustable headrests "G2000" or "Comfort" for "Milan v.K." or "GIS-Liner v.K."

Decorative seams

In addition to single and double fell seams, there are also decorative seams in different colours.



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