Our philosophy:
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Innovative products with know-how & quality.

At Aguti, knowledge and know-how on the importance of ergonomic and healthy sitting and adaptation to the individual desires of our customers is what counts most. To live up to this quality standard, we primarily manufacture in Germany and attach particular importance to close cooperation with our customers. This is what drives us and what we pursue - each and every day anew and with passion. Day by day, our in-house persuasive development department research innovative products and functional solutions. This enables us to respond quickly, and makes us a flexible and reliable partner in all areas where individual products are an issue.

Aguti seats are all-rounders in terms of comfort, safety and ergonomics. Specially customized to the needs of motorhome users and RVers, they meet all travel and domestic requirements. The anatomically adapted contact surfaces for legs and back ensure healthy and body-supported sitting. Hardly any other seat manufacturer has such a large selection of specifically designed upholstery foams. In addition, a large number of swivel consoles and seat substructures allow for installation in all common vehicle types.

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