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Belt frames & Benches

G2000 ASBC SlideOut

G2000 ASBC with slide-out-function.  With the new slide-out function, the single seats of the bench can be pushed apart and pushed together (including headrest). The ASBC system from Aguti guarantees safety in the event of a crash through a controlled deformation of the belt frame. All belt frames on this basis are firmly connected to the vehicle frame and designed for two people. Two three-point seat belts and two headrest mounts are integrated and they are available in different widths and seat heights. Chassis adaptations are available for all common vehicle types. Already tested by the technical service, it offers maximum safety and flexibility in the motorhome.


Please note: This product is just available for manufacturers!

Belt frames & Benches

G2000 ASBC SlideOut

Basic equipment

Variable dimensions
2 headrest retainer

Additional features

2 integrated seat belts
Unilateral head retainer

Each belt frame must be individually adapted to the respective vehicle compartment.
For this our designers and technicians develop special and innovative solutions, which are then tested in-house and can be installed in the respective motorhome range if approved.


Belt frames & Benches

G2000 ASBC SlideOut


Individual adaptation to the vehicle and the requirements is possible

Made solid and safe from robust materials

Approved by the technical service. Tests and tensile tests in-house

Technical details

Variable dimensions
3 point seat belt integrated
Approved by the technical service
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