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Camper vans

The entry into the motorised camping world. From the small camper van with interior fittings, the archetype of the caravan, to the compact box van with trendy extensions and full-fledged wet cell with washbasin, suitable for small families. With up to 3.5 t, it is suitable as an entry-level model and can be driven with driving licence class B.


Comfortable panel vans, based on vans, consist of a driver's cabin and living area. Additional sleeping facilities are offered by alcoves above the driver's cabin. Large motorhomes such as fully integrated vans and liners have a seamless transition from the driver's cabin to the living area. A panoramic front as well as sanitary and a cooking unit are usually standard.

Special vehicles

Solutions for vehicles with specialised requirements. Seating solutions developed for niche/extreme areas are shown here. For example, the areas of transport, logistics or rescue place special demands on seating furniture. But excavators, railways, lifting technology and cranes also need particularly optimised workplace seats.

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