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Head office & Headquarters

Automotive | Seat technology


Aguti Produktentwicklung
& Design GmbH

Building A
Bildstock 18/3, 88085 Langenargen

T+49 (0)7543 9621 60
E  info@aguti-nospam.de


As a business customer with interest in our automotive seat solutions, we kindly ask that you make an appointment in advance.

As an end customer you have the possibility to purchase select automotive products in the Onlineshop. Vehicle seats can be purchased through your motorhome dealer or from specialist motorhome dealers.



We will be glad to help you.


Horst Walter
Management Sales, authorized company signatory
T +49(0)7543 9621.60
E vertrieb@aguti-nospam.de


Beate Wieland
Management Sales International
T +49(0)7543 9621.60
E sales@aguti-nospam.de


Michael Sauter
Management Purchasing, authorized company signatory
T  +49(0)7543 9621.60
E info@aguti.en


Stefan Seidel
Project Management Design
T  +49(0)7543 9621.60
E design@aguti-nospam.de

How to find us.

Aguti Produktentwicklung
& Design GmbH

Bildstock 18/3 
D-88085 Langenargen


Building A
Main building + reception
(Please announce your visit in advance by phone)

Building B
Deliveries + logistics

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