Feature variants
for front seats in vans

HNV module

Height and tilt adjustment of the seat for even more comfort. Here, both the front edge of the seat surface and the height of the rear seat surface can be adjusted.

This function can not be retrofitted. It is already installed in the seat during production.

Lumbar support

Manual oder electric – Supports a natural body posture and relief of the spine. Especially during long travel, fatigue can cause the muscles to collapse. The lumbar support can be integrated into the backrest of the seat and thus ensures a relaxed posture and relief of the spine.

Seat heating & ventilation

For pleasant travel in summer and winter. The seat climatisation with seat heating and ventilation ensures thermal comfort on the seat whether on cold or hot days.

The seat heating is also available without ventilation.


Armrest "00"

Fully-padded armrest with adjustment knob for locking the inclination angle.

Armrest "Smart"

Partially upholstered armrest with elegant hand button to fix the inclination angle.

Note for end-customers: Additional features can only be integrated with new ordered or developed seats.
We kindly ask you to contact your motorhome dealer directly for more information.

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