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Product catalogs

For motorhomes

For special vehicles

Front seats

"Milan" seats


Swivels for Vans

Swivels for motorhomes


Sleeping bench S2

Comfort bench slide-out

Additional seats

Folding seat 2.0

Special-vehicle seats

Swivels for original seats

VW Crafter Original

VW T5/T6

FORD Universal

FIAT Universal

Swivels for Milan

VW Crafter

MB Sprinter VS30 high seat base

MB Sprinter NCV3

MB Sprinter VS30 low seat base

FIAT Ducato X250/X290

Swivels for GIS-Liner


MB Sprinter NCV3 N2

MB Sprinter VS30 N2

MB Sprinter VS30 N1

FIAT Ducato X250/X290 N1

FIAT Ducato X250/X290 N2 sym

FIAT Ducato X250/X290 N2 asym

Sleeping bench S2

Sleeping bench S2 - PSA

Sleeping bench S2 - Rail-In

Sleeping bench S2 - Vito/V-Class


Manual Cup-In B75

Manual Cup-In B58


Handling instruction belt tensioner

Safety data sheet, belt tensioner

Circuit diagram, seat heating

General Conditions of Business + General Purchasing Conditions

Conditions of Business

Purchasing Conditions

revocation instruction


Logo glossy

Logo gold

Logo b/w

Logo Aguti Produktentwicklung & Design GmbH×