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The aguti.

Our little, golden namesake.
The true story about the name Aguti...

The name Aguti is the subject of several rumors - also in connection with the animal recognizable in the signet. The cute rodent has been chosen early in the Company history as the heraldic and name animal of the designer group by the owner Andreas Grieger himself. As was evident from well-informed circles, it does embody a number of important business aspects. On the one hand it looks cute and at the same time friendly - but also strong and dynamic.


Then again, it makes a valuable impression - after all, the German translation also says "golden hare" and correspondingly the Aguti logo is golden.


It is something special in this country, seldom and rare, by now however, also in South America. Perhaps because the agutis are herbivores who actually like everything - and they themselves are said to be tasty.

Finally, the aguti has something special to offer, because agutis are almost the only animals that can open the hard Brazil nut with their strong teeth, so it also stands for a special strength.


Rumours that the name comes from quality testimonies of dialect-speaking customers ("Ah - Guti!") are just as untrue as the speculation that it is the branch of an Italian designer dynasty around Luigi Pasquale Aguti. The claim that the name originates from an abbreviation has also proved to be factually correct but incorrect in terms of company history: Action Group for Unbelievably Terrific Interior. Initials of participants involved (Andreas, Günther, Ulrike, Thomas and Iris) can also be ruled out, so the company chronicler - Signet animal and namesake is and remains exclusively a sympathetic and special rodent: Dasyprocta Aguti, the „golden hare“.

Healthy sitting

1. Seat adjustment

  • Adjusting the seat clearance to the pedals: Sit with your rear as tight as possible to the backrest.
  • You should be able to step through the pedals with the legs slightly angled.
  • Adjusting the backrest tilt: Adjust the backrest so that the steering wheel can be reached with slightly angled arms.
  • The shoulders should also have backrest-contact when steering.
  • Adjusting the seat inclination: Adjust the seat surface inclined slightly upwards so that the thighs rest loosely on the seat surface and the pedals can be pushed through without much effort.
  • Adjusting the headrest: To avoid whiplash injury to the cervical spine, there should be no more than 4 cm between the back of the head and the headrest, and the top of the head should be flush with the top of the headrest.

2. Change body posture

  • Dynamic sitting means to continuously change your sitting posture and leg position.
  • The adjustment of the lumbar support should be changed from time to time in order to prevent fatigue and maintain a relaxed posture.

3. Take breaks

  • Take exercise breaks every 2 hours


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