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We supply directly to vehicle manufacturers, such as motorhome manufacturers. Some automotive products are also available from specialist dealers

The HNV module is an equipment version of our motorhome seats. It enables what we call Height-Inclinationanddjustment. This means that both the height and inclination of the seat surface can be adjusted separately, allowing the seat to be individually adapted.

The NV module is an equipment version of our motorhome seats and, like the HNV version, is only available ex works. It enables you to adapt and increase the inclination of the front seat surface.

At Aguti, the seats are named after whether a seat belt system is integrated or not.

  • Seats without belt system are called "Milan"
  • Seats with integrated belt system are "GIS" (belt integrated seats) or "Liner". The foam shape itself varies.
  • If your belt system is on the B-pillar, you have a Milan, for example.
  • If the belt system is on the seat, it is a GIS-Liner.

A sticker with the type designation is on the seat frame. If you would like to contact Aguti Customer Service, please send us the information on the type sticker. Photos are also helpful.

NV = An adjustment knob for inclination of the seat front is located on one front seat side.

HNV = Two narrow levers for height and inclination adjustment of the seat surface are located at the front seat side.

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