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Products and Services

Seat systems

Seats without seat belt

Data sheet Milan

Data sheet Milan 12

Data sheet Milan Deluxe

Data sheet Milan v.K.

Data sheet Milan 3

Seat with seat belt

Data sheet GIS Liner

Data sheet Liner 12

Data sheet GIS Deluxe

Data sheet GIS Lounge

Data sheet Roadliner

Data sheet GIS Liner 3

Data sheet GIS-Light

Seat belt frames and seat benches

Data sheet Milan Comfort seat bench

Data sheet Travel Lounge

Data sheet G2000

Special-vehicle seats

Data sheet RTW

Data sheet Compact

Data sheet Operator

Additional seats

Data sheet plug-in seat

Data sheet folding seat 2.0


Data sheet Cupholder Cup-In

Data sheet Command

Data sheet NV retrofit set


Swivel console VW T5/T6

Seat belt on ECE seat

Swivel unit ECE MB

Circuit diagram, seat heating

NV retrofit set

Supporting bracket on belt frame


Return receipt


Instruction on handling seat belt tensioner

Safety data sheet, belt tensioner


Catalog Interieur 2019

Catalog Accessories

Quality passport Aguti Interieur

Upholstered furniture

Data sheet Magellan

Data sheet Columbus

Data sheet Davis

Data sheet Drake

Data sheet Pizarro

Data sheet Hudson

Coffee tables

Data sheet Spray

Data sheet Breeze

Data sheet Southern Star

Data sheet Luv

Chairs and armchairs

Operation manual Executive


Data sheet Microfiber plaid

Material sample books

Basic & Comfort

Fabric Basic Calm

Fabric Basic Materia

Fabric Comfort Memo

Fabric Comfort Revive 1


Fabric Premium Canvas

Fabric Premium Memory

Fabric Premium Steelcut Trio 2

Fabric Premium Tonus 4

Fabric Premium Tonus Meadow

Fabric Premium Hallingdal


Fabric Premium+ Apollon

Fabric Premium+ Coda 2

Fabric Premium+ Deluxe

Fabric Premium+ Divina 3

Fabric Premium+ Divina MD

Fabric Premium+ Manoli

Fabric Premium+ Smart


Leather object


Return receipt

20M motor yacht

Data sheet 20M

General Conditions of Business + General Purchasing Conditions

Conditions of Business

Purchasing Conditions

revocation instruction


Logo glossy

Logo gold

Logo b/w



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