Aguti donates challenge cup for "Aguti Classic Cup"

    Design trophy inspires sailing enthusiasts.

    Langenargen - Aguti supports sailing. In the context of the international "Aguti Classic Cup" regatta of the Langenargen yacht club, the company provided a challenge cup for the winning crew. The exclusive trophy was designed by Stefan Seidel, product designer at Aguti, and manufactured by Langenargen-based companies employing elaborate craftsmanship. In a talk, the designer gives insights into the development of this extraordinary award.

    What development steps were necessary before the happy winning crew could finally hold the Aguti Classic Cup in their hands?
    The trophy should present a clear connection to sailing and have an extraordinary design. Initially, hand sketches were made, which were then transferred into three-dimensional form using CAD software (computer aided design). Here, modeling takes place in original size and materials and colors can also be defined. The initial idea became perceptible and could be presented photorealistically. Afterwards, the craftsmanship was finally implemented, whereby it was important to us that mainly local companies were "taken aboard".

    What inspiration did you have in terms of colors, materials and design?
    Apart from our corporate identity, which focuses on the colors black and gold, it was clear that we would incorporate boat building materials for the making of the trophy. This includes, for example, teak wood or elaborately polished stainless steel. The shape of the Aguti challenge cup symbolizes a sailing yacht in its design with hull, mast and sail. The base offers space for the engravings of the winning teams and reminds -abstractly- of water, waves or wind.

    During the award ceremony, not only the proud winners of the "Aguti Classic Cup" were delighted about the award...
    As product designer, one is always happy about the final result. But also the recognition, the gratitude on the part of the regatta organizer and the crew give a good feeling and the certainty to have hit a nerve.


    Jean Fabre won the regatta with his sailing yacht Yquem II from the yacht club "Société Nautique de Genève". The entire ranking can be read on the website of the Yacht Club Langenargen:


    The questions were asked by: Andy Heinrich, journalist



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