The new Aguti sleeping bench S2

    Light and versatile like a Swiss Army Knife


    Just in time for the Caravan Salon, Aguti has launched the new sleeping bench "S2". The fitting of this new bench is already scheduled for several types of vans.


    Due to its ingenious technology, it can easily be converted to accommodate 2-persons. With a lightweight of just 60 kg, the bench favours fuel consumption and is removable by using special rail adapters. With a few simple touches, the bench can be moved longitudinally. Also, it adapts the interior space in an even more flexible way to the needs of all passengers and their luggage. Adaptations to different rail systems (PSA/Mercedes/Aguti) are available. Depending on requirements and vehicle construction, one or two-seat belts can be integrated.


    The bench is available with two single backrests or one double backrest, both equipped with continuously variable adjustment. Intelligent folding kinematics offer the well-known comfort of Aguti seats. In combination with a special extension or an integrated flex board, a quick and simple folding mechanism turns the bench into a comfortable lounger. The location of the seat belt buckles is underneath the seat.


    Like all Aguti benches, the “S2” comes with the patented ASBC system (Aguti Safety Bend Control), which guarantees a controlled deformation in case of a crash. Isofix and removable headrests are also standard equipment.


    Currently, Aguti is developing a holistic approach for all sleeping benches. This will also include a 3-seater sleeping bench and a specific rail system.

    Also, Aguti offers custom-made products, such as an individual backrest design to guarantee the perfect fit for the existing lounge and storage situation of the vehicle.


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