The new factory seat

    The first seat of a motorhome

    The factory seat. A safe seating solution for a specific purpose.

    At Aguti, even the smallest detail benefits from a never-ending focus on quality and improvement. Before any motorhome reaches the customer, it passes through a production process during which all components and accessories are installed. This begins with the assembly of a rolling chassis, consisting of empty passenger compartment, engine, front axle and e.g. AL-KO low frame, including rear axle and wheels. This rolling chassis is driven between assembly stations at the body manufacturer for the installation of the final passenger cell and living compartment.

    This is where the Aguti attention to detail and consideration for safety and comfort enter the process. The Aguti factory seat, or factory seat, has been developed to conveniently plug into a Fiat seating console. With an integrated safety belt and buckle, it delivers fundamental safety benefits and comfort without the need for StVZO approval. Importantly, this standardised solution eliminates the need for bespoke seats which can bring safety concerns. The factory seat can fold forward 90 degrees, using a convenient lever that fits under the Fiat hood to save space. Made from sturdy polypropylene material, and with an integrated drainage function, the factory seat can handle any conditions.

    When the premium Aguti seating products are installed into the vehicle ready for the customer to enjoy, the plug-and-play factory seat moves down the production line to the next rolling chassis and the cycle begins again.

    New factory seat
    New factory seat folded
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