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    Seat with seat belt

    GIS Light

    GIS-Light. Single seat for Aguti rail-base systems with integrated three-point seat belt.

    The GIS-Light is a flexible seat for Aguti rail-base systems with separate adjustable headrest, stepless backrest adjustment and anatomically-adapted contact surfaces in the leg and back area.

    Seat with seat belt

    GIS Light

    Basic features

    Ergonomic backrest (stepless adjustment via adjustable fitting)
    Backrest folds down horizontally
    Integrated Isofix-system
    Adjustable headrest
    Seat base for Aguti rail-base system


    Additional features

    Arm rest Basic
    Seat heating
    Lumbar support


    All models are each available in different designs and armrest versions. The features can be selected between standard, NV (seat inclination adjustment) and HNV (height inclination adjustment). Additional features such as seat heating or lumbar supports can also be ordered at any time.

    Seat with seat belt

    GIS Light


    Maximum flexibility in the van, completely removable seat, repositionable on rails, usable in and against the direction of travel

    Excellent sitting comfort through ergonomic backrest contour and anatomically-adapted contact surfaces

    Compact design with fold-down backrest, slender seating surface

    Integrated seat belt system. Excellent comfort and flexibility with the three-point seat belt already integrated into the seat

    Technical specifications

    Dimensions*: W 514 × D 770 × H 1260 mm
    Weight*: approx. 26 kg
    *incl. seat base


    Note:This product is only available for body manufacturers!

    Seat with seat belt

    GIS Light




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