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    Swivel T5/T6

    More comfort for T5 and T6 drivers - Swivel console with seat base for original VW seats.

    The Aguti swivels H210 + H250 for the original driver's seat offers more comfort for T5/T6 drivers. Both allow you to rotate the seat even when the parking brake is actuated. The standard VW seat base can be easily exchanged against the Aguti seat base with integrated swivel.

    The swivels are already TÜV-approved. With the higher design (H250), the installation of a second battery is possible without additional raising of the seat base.


    Swivels T5/T6

    Basic features

    Locking possible in or against the direction of travel
    Parking-brake lever individually mountable
    Large cable passage for seat heating, seat belt tensioner, etc.
    360° rotatable without locking


    Delivery scope

    Swivel console with fastening material
    H250 incl. handbrake lever adapter

    VW T5+T6 | H35

    für Originalsitz

    Version: sym
    Compatible with: Vw T5+T6
    Weight: 13,5 kg
    Certification: ECE M1 N1

    VW T5+T6 | H210 + seat base

    für Originalsitze

    Version: 20 asym
    Compatible with: VW T5+T6
    Weight: 17,5 kg
    Certification: ECE M1 N1

    VW T5+T6 | H250 + seat base

    for original seats

    Version: 20 asym
    Compatible with: VW T5+T6
    Weight: 17,5 kg
    Certification: ECE M1 N1

    Details H210 / H250

    Flexible. The seat can also be rotated when the door is closed without colliding with the parking brake.

    Comfortable. Simple replacement and installation of the swivel console without changing the seat height.

    Trouble-free approval. The swivel console is already TÜV-approved.


    Swivels T5/T6

    Battery installation H250

    Each T5/T6 is configured differently and the installations in the seat base can vary greatly.

    Basic craftsmanship knowledge is therefore required, e.g. to adapt cables, battery fastening fixtures, etc. It may be necessary to fit these with new brackets.



    Please observe not to install components subject to regular maintenance or requiring swift access in the seat base.

    Please observe the vehicle manufacturer's specifications for the on-board electrical system and also adjust the parking brake to the manufacturer's specifications after replacing the console. If in doubt, please have the installation carried out by a specialist company (e.g. dealer).

    After assembling, you are obligated to present the installations to the TÜV.

    Function of swivel H210 + H250 incl. seat base



    Swivels T5/T6

    Assembly instruction "T5/T6" original seat



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