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    NV retrofit set

    NV retrofit set. Individual adaptation of the seat inclination on GIS-Liners for increased seating comfort.

    For all motorhome owners traveling with Aguti GIS-Liners (belt integrated seats) in standard design, there is now the option of retrofitting the seat-inclination adjustment feature.

    Optimal seating comfort
    The seat-inclination adjustment (NV) provides additional comfort and relief through individual adjustable seat adaptation to the body size. For the optimum sitting position, the thighs rest loosely on the seat and the pedals can be pushed through without much effort.


    NV retrofit set


    Individual adaptation to the body size

    Improved seating comfortby relieving the upper thighs

    Simple installation with only a few components


    The seat can be tilted up to 7° with the help of the adjustment knob and can thus be adapted to the respective body size or leg length.



    NV retrofit set

    Technical specifications

    W 430 x D 430 x H 210 mm
    Weight approx. 17 kg
    Powder-coated in black
    ECE-N1 approval

    Delivery scope

    Inclination-adjustment mechanics
    Adjustment knob
    Sliding arm
    Top and bottom parts
    Wood screws
    Rubber washers
    Installation manual

    NV retrofit set

    NV retrofit set, data sheet



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