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Cupholder. The practical beverage holder for armrests.

The Aguti Cup-In is a practical beverage holder for armrests with a minimum height of 45 mm and a maximum width of 60 - 75 mm.
The cupholder easily attaches to various armrests in the vehicle. Bottles, cups or cans are always close at hand.
The combination of ceramic-coated metal and black polyamide gives the Cup-In its compact and sturdy characteristics.

The Cup-In is suitable for containers with a diameter between 65 and 80 mm and a minimum height of 95 mm.

The Cup-In fits perfectly on armrests of Aguti seats (e.g. motorhome seats Gis-Liner, Milan, Lounge, Deluxe) but also fits other brands of seat armrests.

The cupholder can be fully disassembled and separately sorted for disposed after use (plastic, metal parts, paper/packaging).



Easy fastening tool-free, with Velcro strap

Beverages readily available by direct fastening to the armrest

High-quality craftsmanship in a combination of coated metal and polyamide

Flexibly usable on different armrest types and for different sized beverages (e.g. standard 0.33l can, 0.5l can, standard 0.7l/0.5l water bottle, 1l Coca-Cola bottle, 12 oz cup or 20 oz cup (with lid)

Colours The Cupholder is available in the metal coatings "Titanium", "Anthrazit" and "Bronze"



Delivery scope

Velcro fastening strap
Fastening/ Operating instructions (DE/EN/FR/IT)


1. Thread velcro strap through the appropriate inside bars with the smooth side up
2. Place Cup-In on the armrest and wind the strap around it
3. Pull velcro strap tight and fasten
4. Insert beverage container


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